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Straight Pipe

Raspberry Stout

We’re not into the quiet and safe route here at Redline. What’s the point of building up an engine to just silence its angry roar? So toss those mufflers in the garbage and weld up that Straight Pipe. An unfiltered, unapologetic, unsilenced Stout, that just screams dessert beer. Let’s face it, chocolate and raspberry have never looked so good. Straight Pipe pours dark black with a thick roasted marshmallow head. Bold and sweet raspberry compliment the coffee and cocoa found amongst the roast. Crack a can and let that baby sing.

Under The Hood

  • ABV : 5.8
  • IBU (Theoretical) : 37
  • Malt : 2-Row, Munich, Crystal Medium, Chocolate, Carafa Spec, Double Roasted Crystal
  • Hops : Cascade, Ekuanot, Willamette
  • Special : Raspberry Puree
  • Yeast : House
  • Colour : Deep Black