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Speed Wobble

American Strong Ale

Speed Wobble pours a deep ruby red with a creamy beige head. Flaked rye adds a smooth body, as well as a rich spicy, earthy character to support the dark fruit and toasted toffee of the Special B malt. In Speed Wobble the hops take on the role of supporting cast member, giving notes of pine, citrus and an earthy quality that provide balance and poise to the big, malty body. A Speed Wobble can be a precarious situation for the inexperienced, don’t be daunted though, any seasoned rider will tell you, open up the throttle, hold tight and enjoy the ride!

Under The Hood

  • ABV : 6.7
  • IBU (Theoretical) : 62
  • Malts : Pilsner, Flaked Rye, Special B
  • Hops : Falconer's Flight 7Cs, Columbus, Cascade
  • Yeast : House Ale
  • Colour : Rich Amber
  • OG : 1.067
  • FG : 1.015