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Spark – Engima

Single-Hop Pale Ale

This year’s Spark series has taken us to a land down under! We at Redline, wanted to show our loyal beer drinkers and hopheads what Australia has to offer in regard to hops!

Spark Enigma is the first contribution to Redline’s Spark series this year, and you will not be disappointed. Tropical and juicy are the first impressions on the pallet and nose, while notes of ripe grapefruit and citrus play a supporting role. The high alpha acid Enigma hops certainly play the starring role in this pale ale, as it was used throughout the brewing process. All while the grain bill lays a soft, hazy, and very approachable foundation for this beer. Extremely aromatic and delicious, this beer shows all the wonderful things that Enigma hops can do!

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Under The Hood

  • ABV : 5.6
  • IBU (Theoretical) : 40
  • Hops : Enigma