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Series 3

Barrel-Aged Saison with Brett & Apricot

This is our 3rd anniversary bottle release: a barrel-aged, bottle-conditioned Saison base, aged on apricots and blended with fresh Clutch. Series 3 takes some hints from its predecessor after having some of our Series 2 remaining in each of the barrels that it has developed in for a full year. A wonderful microflora including 4 strains of brettanomyces offer a deep complexity of funk and tartness. The apricot comes through heavily on the nose and shifts to a supporting role on the palate. Notes of sourdough bread are present throughout this medium-bodied beer.

Anniversaries are special. They’re a time to get together with family and friends to reflect on times gone and passed, as well as to imagine what’s yet to come. Similarly, Series 3 is best enjoyed with family and friends. Enjoy it fresh or let it continue to develop in the bottle for 2+ years.

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  • ABV : 6.60