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Series 1

Barrel-Aged Golden Brett Saison

**Very limited release.

Our first anniversary beer is both a celebration of what we have done and something of a departure for our brewery. Comprised of 3 different beers, two that were aged in 6 red wine barrels with various strains of Brettanomyces yeast from our friends at Escarpment Labs.

Last fall we filled two red wine barrels with Aggressive Jazz Hands and added Brett B to one, and Brett C to another. This beer makes up 36% of the blend.

We also filled 4 barrels with The Mechanic, our rustic saison. Each of these barrels was inoculated with the Brussels Brett strain from Escarpment. This beer makes up 55% of the blend.

When planning to empty these barrels, we brewed a Belgian ale with a high residual sugar content to provide plenty of food source for the wild yeast now residing in the barrels. This beer makes up 9% of the blend and will provide complexity, mouthfeel and residual sugar for development of the beer in the bottle.

Tasting Notes
Appearance – Hazy golden, with a creamy, lasting white head.
Aroma – Bruised orchard fruit, overripe pineapple, funky brett, baking spice, light oak.
Flavour – Pineapple and apricot, Belgian yeast spice, some vanilla and oak tannins.
Mouthfeel – Silky, and filling. Sprizy carbonation that will increase as it ages.

Silver Medal 2017 Winner

Barrel-Aged Red Wine

Under The Hood

  • ABV : 7.38%