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Red Light

Lagered Ale

This beer is a light, crispy and refreshing lagered ale, that is very approachable to anyone new to the craft beer industry.  And although it is much more tame in overall flavour and bitterness compared to our APA and IPA offerings, this beer can still be appreciated by your seasoned craft beer drinker as a sessionable and lighter option. With balance playing a key role, this crispy beer gives notes of fresh bread (from the pilsner and wheat malt used in the mash), a subtle and non-offensive bitter-sweetness at the end of each sip (from the French triskle hops used at whirlpool and dry-hop) and a classic/familiar beer aroma given from the California ale yeast we used during fermentation.

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Under The Hood

  • ABV : 4.2
  • IBU (Theoretical) : 11
  • Malt : Canadian 2-Row, Wheat Malt, Munich
  • Hops : Magnum, French Triskel
  • Yeast : Cali