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Punch In The Mouth

Australian Hopped IPA

G’day mate! Redline’s newest offering has taken us down under! Inspired by the flavours of Australia, we have come up with a tropical and stone fruit driven IPA, that uses 100% Australian hops.
The delicious combination of hops complements and accentuates each other, creating intense notes of tropical fruit and pineapple, with a luscious combination of nectarine and peach tagging in.

Pouring a hazy pale gold colour, the sweeter malts lay an easily approachable foundation for the beer and set the stage for the true stars of this beer: the Aussie hops.
We have taken an alternative approach to this beer, using zero bittering hops but instead doubling down on our “usual IPA” amount in the Whirlpool and Dry-hops. The late addition hops and double dry-hopping serve you an aroma and juiciness that will punch you in the mouth! This beer is a knockout!

Under The Hood

  • ABV : 7.0
  • IBU (Theoretical) : 39