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Peach Plum Pear

Barrel-Aged Saison

An effervescent, hazy peach and cream colour with a hint of pinkish hues, this bottle-conditioned beauty was inspired by two brewer’s love of a quirky and weird song that turned into a collaborative effort between Redline Brewhouse and Brimstone Brewing Co.
Aromatics of vanilla and pie crust mix with peach and plum and are bound together with a light funk. Diving in, we find that the plum asserts itself most out of the subtle fruitiness and stone fruit plays a supporting role. There is a honey-like sweetness, a set of mild Brett. notes, low-to-medium tartness and robust yet balanced barrel character.
Am I so dear? Do I run rare? And you’ve changed some, peach plum pear… Peach, plum…

Under The Hood

  • ABV : 7.99