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Oh, Sorry!

To celebrate the 150th year of our great country, we brewed a saison using all local ingredients. Malt from Barn Owl Malting in Belleville, hops from Clear Valley , yeast from Escarpment Labs, and honey from Dickey Bee Honey Inc. just outside our hometown of Barrie.
This saison is delicate, floral and eminently drinkable, a beer designed for the humid summer of Southern Ontario. We are proud to use this beer to showcase the passion and knowledge of local growers and producers of quality ingredients.
If you step on our toe, or spill our beer, you may hear the proper Canadian refrain: Sorry! We will expect a polite reply, and cheers to the beer we brew, and the country that brings us together!

Aroma is lead by spicy saison yeast, with honey, biscuit and floral notes. Flavours of toasted malt, honey shine through with a dry finish and hints of banana and honeydew.

Under The Hood

  • ABV : 5.8
  • IBU (Theoretical) : 33
  • Malts : Barn Owl Malting
  • Hops : Clear Valley Hops
  • Yeast : Escarpment Labs Saison Yeast
  • Special Ingredient : Dickey Bee Honey
  • Colour : Hazy Straw