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Mild Ale

Mild ale is a traditional British beer designed to be enjoyed with friends at the local pub.  Our version fits in the category of dark mild, and fits around the flavour profile of a brown ale or lower strength brown porter.  A satisfying beer in a low abv package.  The aroma is dark chocolate, rich toffee, and fruity esters.  The flavour follows with toasted malt, toffee, and cocoa on the finish.  The beer is smooth, lightly carbonated, and comforting.

Under The Hood

  • ABv : 3.7%
  • IBUS (Theoretical) : 19
  • Malts : Pilsner, Caramunich 2, Simpson's Dark Crystal, Brown Malt, Toasted Barley Flakes, Chocolate
  • Hops : Magnum, Wakatu
  • Yeast : House Ale
  • Colour : Rich Mahogany
  • OG : 1.041
  • FG : 1.013