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Air Ride IPA

American IPA

Air Ride pours a hazy yellow with a solid white head.  This big IPA has aromas of orange peel, melon, papaya with hints of lemon and lime.  The flavour follows with bright fruit dominated by green melon, papaya, and orange; rounding out with lemon, lime, and soft malt.  The mouthfeel is soft and pillowy with moderate bitterness.

Under The Hood

  • ABV: : 6.1
  • IBU (Theoretical) : 67
  • Malts : Pale Malt, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Barley, Sugar, Caramunich 2
  • HOPS : Boil: Chinook, El Dorado, Equinox. Dry Hop: Simcoe, Equinox, El Dorado, Cashmere
  • YEAST : House Ale
  • OG : 1.055
  • FG : 1.009