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Aggressive Jazz Hands

Belgian Golden Strong Ale / Double IPA Hybrid

Inspired by the delicate balance and finesse of Belgian Golden Ales of the old world, and the hop heavy, Double IPAs from the United States, Aggressive Jazz Hands looks to meld these styles into something new. A very clean malt body, with plenty of sugar provide a light and airy beer upon which to build.

First fermented with a traditional abbey yeast strain from Belgium to coax out some of the fruity esters, our house ale yeast is added to encourage a strong fermentation, ensuring a dry finish and a balance to the Belgian character.

A heavy dry hop of Enigma, with Vic. Secret and Centennial added for complexity provide big aromatics of fresh pineapple and tropical fruit with some pine and citrus lingering in the background.

Without conforming to one style, this beer is here to be explored.

Under The Hood

  • ABV : 8.3
  • IBU (Theoretical) : 43
  • Malts : Pilsner, Malted Wheat, Sugar
  • Hops : Enigma, Vic. Secret, Centennial, Glacier
  • Yeast : Abbey Yeast, House Ale
  • Colour : Hazy Straw
  • OG : 1.073
  • FG : 1.009