Background Redline Truck

How it Started

After 25 years working in the Corporate world, one day Doug said “Enough!” He quit his very successful job selling heavy equipment and started his own business. We began again by selling one used piece of equipment at a time, reinventing ourselves in a healthier, happy way outside of the “Corporate Clone” mentality. No more bosses, meetings or impossible deadlines, no more clocks to punch or hoops to jump, no more endless hours commuting…
As the stress fell away, Doug would say, “I want a bar and will call it “Our Bar”. As time passed, Doug discovered he had missed a lot of days sitting by the pool on a perfect afternoon just daydreaming. Soon the passing joke of “Our Bar” became, “let’s open a brewery.” My response was always the same – “NO! Our lives are full enough…”

But one day our son, Devon said, “Are we going to do this or what??” That was a defining moment. We already knew WE don’t do partnerships well but we quickly learned we did have a naturally affinity for creating a great business in a great industry.

So on January 1, 2015, we began imagining, creating and constructing Redline Brewhouse Inc. It was a 6 month love/hate relationship as we danced and squirmed through the legalities, logistics, licensing, and long exhausting days and night to give life to Doug’s Vision of “Our Bar”. As the Universal Spirit would have it, we have in fact created a craft brewery named R— which is the trademark for Redline Brewhouse. “Redline” is a name that personifies the Williams family – always moving at warped speeds, pushing the limits of life, often struggling to conform, and a passion for anything with horsepower. Fast cars, drag trucks, motorcycles and hot rods are usually part of our daily conversation!

After putting the finishing touches on a state of the art brewery and vintage industrial pub, we are confident you will be impressed with the rustic yet refined quality of our beer and food. The atmosphere is simple and yet, unique and inviting. It has been intentionally designed to embrace and encourage a sense of community.

We look forward to greeting you at the door and saying, “Welcome to Redline Brewhouse. Please make yourself comfortable. R— is your bar!”