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Nothing brings people together quite like a delicious beer!

Whether you’re sharing a brew with friends and family, enjoying a pint at the pub, or simply sipping one while working in the garage, a good beer is a key component in great company. Like music or art, it has an undeniable ability to strengthen connections, aid in laughter and conversation, and enhance the simple moments shared between family and friends.
At Redline Brewhouse we brew beer because like most beer lovers, we are passionate about the limitless potential it brings.
We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy brewing it!

Always Available. These popular “go-to’s” are known for their high quality ingredients and fresh taste. Available year round on draft and by can. Fill’er up! Marked below by white text on a red background.

Specialty beers change with the season. These beers are available in limited quantities and when they are gone, they’re gone! They can be collaborations, experimentation, or even sometimes the revival of an old recipe! Marked below by white text on a blue background.

These beers are either temporarily or permanently unavailable. Which ones are what? Well, that’s for us to decide, old recipes may be brewed again or just left in the history books of Redline. Marked below by white text on a black background.