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lil donkey

Lil’ Donkey

Burrito Inspired Pale Ale

Collabs are a great way for brewers to get together, share ideas, and create something new. When we were dreaming a beer up for Toronto Beer Week 2017 with Rainhard Brewing, our mutual love of hops came to the fore of our thinking.

We also wanted to make something new, something beyond the pale ales and IPAs of our regular lineups. Turns out we all love burritos too! (Who doesn’t?) Lil’ Donkey, a Burrito inspired pale ale was born, using rice, corn, beans, and tortilla shells in the mash, along with a touch of earthy, spicy rye. We added a ton of lemon and lime forward El Dorado, Cashmere, and Idaho 7 hops along with fresh lime juice and some cilantro.

Under The Hood

  • ABV : 5.4
  • IBUs (Theoretical) : 50
  • Malts : Pale, Flaked Rye, Flaked Corn, Toasted Rice
  • Hops : Idaho 7, El Dorado, Cashmere
  • Yeast : House Ale
  • Special : Lime Juice, Cilantro, Tortilla Shells, Romano Beans
  • Colour : Hazy Sunshine
  • OG : 12.9
  • FG : 2.9