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Series 4

As we get older, we tend to grow and mature, to build upon what we’ve learned and done in the past. Redline has been around for 4 years, so we are still growing and changing. But we keep a part of our past with us as well. Series 4 is…Read More

Catching Some Haze

It’s been dang hot, and you’ve been working up a sweat out there. You deserve a break, so take this chance to lay back and catch some haze. The floral and peppery esters produced from the Belgium yeast draw you in but quickly float away leaving you with an effervescent,…Read More

Peach Plum Pear

An effervescent, hazy peach and cream colour with a hint of pinkish hues, this bottle-conditioned beauty was inspired by two brewer’s love of a quirky and weird song that turned into a collaborative effort between Redline Brewhouse and Brimstone Brewing Co. Aromatics of vanilla and pie crust mix with peach…Read More

Series 3

This is our 3rd anniversary bottle release: a barrel-aged, bottle-conditioned Saison base, aged on apricots and blended with fresh Clutch. Series 3 takes some hints from its predecessor after having some of our Series 2 remaining in each of the barrels that it has developed in for a full year….Read More

Double Clutch

Not a straight double version of Clutch, but inspired by it with a load of oats, and Citra hops complemented by some of our other favourite tropical and sticky varietals. Big soft flavours. Appearance is a Hazy orange, sticky, with an off-white head. The aroma is sweet peach/apricot, mango, lychee…Read More