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Head Chef


At age 15 I started my food service career by washing dishes in a sports bar. A few weeks later I decided that doing dishes was not what I wanted to be doing. I begged the Kitchen Manager to teach me how to cook and from there I started learning to make soups and salad bar items.

I ran my first Kitchen at age 19 and made many silly, immature mistakes. I decided then that I needed to move on, get some training and then become a proper Chef. I didn’t follow the traditional type of training by attending school, but instead accumulated plenty of knowledge and experience including a three year stint as a butcher before finally landing a job at Horseshoe Valley Resort.

While at Horseshoe I received a torrent of training under the guidance of Chef Paul Christians and his team of Sous Chefs. I used the resources available, my work ethic, and the momentum from Horseshoe to secure my Red Seal. From there I worked in smaller local establishments cooking finer foods for a while before taking a job at a private school cooking for international boarding students.

After 25 years experience in Food Service and working locally for the last 18 years, I quietly made my way into the kitchen at Redline Brewhouse. I spent 18 months working mostly behind the scenes and under the radar at Redline providing the prep work and production for the various menus and events. When the head Chef job opened up, I eagerly applied for the position with the intention to continue our growth and our focus on quality.

– Glen Fahselt