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Head Chef

“My culinary story starts when I was just a young boy. My mother was always my inspiration into the cooking world as I have many fond memories of watching her cook our meals from scratch. At 10 years old I was learning how to make and roll pie crust from scratch, I was helping her peel and chop apples for her filling for the pies. Something really sparked in me when I was young about the experience of preparing a meal from scratch, the pride from knowing it was something that I had created and people enjoyed.

I enrolled in Georgian College and quickly learned there was more to being a chef than just cooking. I learned about education of food in different cultures, business technique, fads within the food industry and true cooking techniques. I later worked as Head Chef at two very popular restaurants here in Barrie for a number of years, where my creativity was flourishing as well as my knowledge of cooking and managing a restaurant.

My passions in cooking are fresh ingredients, flavour and creative presentations. Now that I’m at Redline Brewhouse, I am excited about the opportunity to once again show the creative and flavourful creations I can make.

My goal is to simple, using local foods to the best of their abilities showcasing the wonderful flavours this area provides. I want to surprise people, I want to excite people, I want to make people enjoy foods they haven’t in the past and I want them to have this amazing experience that leaves their mouths watering for more. Craft beer and craft food, what could possibly be better than that?”

Chris – Head Chef