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Love Is Beer!

Let’s face it. Covid ruined a lot of things for the world but you know what it really ruined? DATING! How are you suppose to date in a pandemic? Zoom can only do so much ok! 
Well this one is for the singles out there looking to get back into the dating world. (And seriously, you better be single, we’re not here to set up affairs.)

What is Love is Beer?

It’s our own version of Love is Blind, the tv show. Haven’t seen it? Click the link and watch the short trailer then come back & keep reading! 

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to propose! We said our OWN version of it!

How does it work?

We will be hosting a singles day on Saturday, October 30th where each person will be in their own “pod”. You will not be able to see the person you’re on a speed date with. If you think there’s a little spark with someone, remember their name or the participants assigned number, and you can chat with them again that night for a little longer! 
Now, if you think there’s a connection with this person, you can meet them face to face! From there, it’s all in your hands. Maybe you grab a drink after. Maybe you decide their not for you. Or maybe you’ve found a special connection you’d like to pursue further! If there is not connection with someone, that’s cool- move on to the next. 

Who qualifies for this specific event? 

For this specific event we are looking for people ages 25-35. You will be asked the basics from Redline such as: basic contact info, how you identify (male, female), which sex you’re interested in, and what city you live in. This information will only be for Redline to ensure you qualify for the event. We will not share it with other parties. It will be up to you what personal information you share with fellow daters. 


We are asking that only open minded people sign up as it’s no fun trying to get to know someone who’s clearly not interested in sharing. 

Please fill out the form below with truthful information. You will be asked to fill out a waiver upon arrival to the event.

**We are no longer taking female applicants, our list is full!**