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Blog 3

We recently had the opportunity to brew a beer with our good friends at Sawdust City Brewing from Gravenhurst. Their Brewmaster, Sam, was one of my teachers at Niagara College Teaching Brewery, and their Head Brewer Aaron Spinney graduated a year before me.  Aaron and I worked together at Flying…Read More

Blog 2

Yeast and recipe creation In the last year a number of new breweries opened up in Ontario (including us), in Canada, and beyond our border to the south in the USA. For us this is incredibly exciting, the interest in small breweries and the support from our communities has never…Read More

Welcome to the Brewer’s Blog 1

This blog is something we have wanted to have up and running for quite some time, but the building, opening and running of a small brewery seemed consume most of our focus. Somehow 6 months have gone by since we first opened our doors and poured our first beers and…Read More