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Redline Brewhouse Craft Beer In High Gear

Nothing brings people together quite like a delicious beer!

Whether you’re sharing a brew with friends and family, enjoying a pint at the pub, or simply sipping one while working in the garage, a good beer is a key component in great company. Like music or art, it has an undeniable ability to strengthen connections, aid in laughter and conversation, and enhance the simple moments shared between family and friends.

At Redline Brewhouse we brew beer because like most beer lovers, we are passionate about the limitless potential it brings.

We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy brewing it!

Meet the Team

Doug Williams


After decades of corporate life, Doug decided a change was in order so he started a Heavy Equipment Sales and Rental House.  This pays the bills but Doug was still craving the challenge and excitement of opening a brewery and bar.  He jokingly called it Our Bar.  So the Divinely Guided Spirits went to work and here we are Opening Redline Brewhouse or R-. We look forward to sharing this dream-come-true with you!


Kari Williams


The Williams family have seldom done things the “normal” way.  They are a bunch of adventure junkies that love to create the unexpected.  Kari has the gnarly job of juggling all the moving parts and to breathe life into these, at time, weird and wacky ideas. Hence a brewery… But oh what a brewery!!  Come visit us and meet the Team.

Devon Williams

Owner/Operations Manager

Devon has a Business Marketing degree from Guelph University and a toolbox of talent and experience with fixing, welding, electrical, mechanics and logistics. Devon will be ensuring the great beer that Seb our Head Brewer makes, gets into cans, bottles and kegs then out into the world in a timely manner.

Darci Williams

Owner/Marketing Manager

Darci is your lady for special events or occasions! Darci will also be promoting our beer and brand in the community and beyond. Darci attended Dalhousie University for Business Management and has returned home to join the Redline Team.  Darci started working in the food industry as soon as she could. Website development, social media, local promotions, festivals and special events will all be in Darci’s good hands!

Seb MacIntosh

Head Brewer

Sebastian graduated from the Niagara College Brewmaster and Brewery Management program in 2013, and already has several award-winning beer credits including the Winner of the 2013 Caskdays IPA Challenge. Lots of great creations coming soon.

Kaitlyn Krawczuk

Sales Manager

Kaitlyn is much too busy to write a bio for our website.

Mack Knowles

Events Manager

Mack is your go-to, point of contact for our in-house events. Mack will be seeking new business in the community and facilitating the planning, design and production of events. Mack attended Dalhousie University for Business Management alongside Darci Williams and has event experience in the beer industry. Mack’s passion for coordinating events started years ago in the not-for-profit sector. Call Mack for any inquiries!


Sue Moore

Retail Manager

Sue is our Retail Manager and resident artist. She holds an Art History degree and Advance Fine Arts diploma. Sue was awarded two scholarships for excellence in studio, enjoys merchandising “outside the box”, and loves visual presentation projects. You will be amazed! Stay Tuned…

Ben Cuppage

Graphic Designer

From an early age, Ben has been gifted with a vivid imagination, which brought him into the creative field. With an advanced diploma in Graphic Design, he’s been part of the graphic design and web industry for four years now. He’s responsible for keeping the Redline brand in check, while designing everything from our labels to this website.


Ryan Shirtliff


Having grown up on a grain farm in Manitoba, Ryan has a huge appreciation of the work and dedication it takes to make the ingredients for beer. Since graduating from Niagara College’s Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management program in 2016, he’s been honing his skills and is pleased to bring his prairie passion to Barrie.


Matt Sieradzki

Sales Representative

Matt was a hospitality professional for over a decade and has always loved bartending and chatting about beer. He is a certified Prud’homme Master Sommelier and teaches Prud’homme beer education in a variety of different venues. Matt has also been a consultant for various colleges, breweries, and restaurants. When talking to Matt his love of beer is very apparent and he claims the only thing that could trump this love is being surrounded by puppies.

Ren Navarro

Sales Representative

Ren Navarro is our Southwest Ontario sales rep. She loves craft beer, monkeys, bad puns and hugs over handshakes. She’s the co-founder and former co-organizer of Toronto’s Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. She’s also an aspiring hand model.